Monday August 16, 2010 12:00am

Britney Spears Upskirt

britney spears no panties

Britney, Britney, Britney... whatever happened to the innocent looking teen idol we used to know?  Britney has had a spate of panties-less incidents this past year after her career drunkenly careened into a ditch.  While she's since entered damage-control mode, the damage is certainly done - it seems every red-blooded male with an internet connection and a taste for sexual curiosity has seen her goods now.  What's probably saddest about it all is how trashy she looks - while it may appeal to some men, I just find it repulsive.  Get a grip on reality - I mean, how hard is to put on some underwear or get out of the back of a limousine.

Monday August 16, 2010 12:00am

Paris Hilton Hairy Upskirt

paris hilton upskirt

Paris Hilton, shown here finding her way out of her car, once again "forgot" to wear underwear - though by now, it's almost as though the FCC should be following her around handing out citations of public indecency, it has become so commonplace.  Ever the epitome of being famous for, uh, being famous, Paris Hilton is such a ridiculous - albeit, hot - attention whore that she's gone to such extremes as to publicly reveal her goods to whomever happens to be outside of her car with a camera.  While we've all seen the sextape, at least she could pretend with that that it's not a craven attempt at more attention.  Wearing a short skirt without panties?  Come on.  It's not titillating if it's been seen a hundred times before anyway!

Monday August 16, 2010 12:00am

Lindsay Lohan Upskirt Pics

lindsay lohan upskirt

Nice!  Looks like Lindsay wasn't paying enough attention and let her skirt go just a little too high after a shopping spree!  Seems like the Tramp Pack of Paris, Lindsay, Britney, and whatever whore they happen to be hanging out with this week can't keep a piece of cloth over a vagina!  Nevertheless, you got to admit Lindsay doesn't look half bad here, especially when compared to her sluttier cohorts!  While I do feel a little bad that every misstep made by Lindsay is caught on camera by some asshole paparazzi, you still have to wonder when she'll wise up to things! 

Monday August 16, 2010 12:00am

Katy Perry Upskirt

katy perry upskirt

Oops!  At a recent concert, Katy Perry got a little wild while dancing and ended up letting her top go a little too low and her skirt a little too high.  She definitely had a nipple slip and it looks like she has a camel toe too!  Although she got her start in her father's church singing hymns, Katy Perry has come a long way from her religious upbringing with her sometimes racy songs.  It's just too bad her top didn't go a little lower...

Monday August 16, 2010 12:00am

Beyonce Upskirt

The usually classy Beyonce had a rare moment the other night.  She should be more careful when she gets out of her ride!  While lifting up her legs to step out she almost revealed her goods... it's hard to tell from this angle if she was even wearing panties!  Whatever the case, she definitely looks as fine as ever - who wouldn't want to bury his face in those thighs?  Jay-Z is a lucky man...